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Crystal Whisky Glasses

There is a particular pleasure in sipping your favourite whisky from exquisite crystal drinkware. Whether you prefer a single malt or mixing things up with an old fashioned, Cumbria Crystal stocks an elegant range of cut crystal whisky glasses to fit every taste and level of sophistication.  

Handcrafted in the UK from 24% English lead crystal, our distinctive cut crystalware collection complements your favourite whisky, elevating the pleasure and appreciation of each sip. 

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Discover the magnificent collection of cut crystal whisky glasses from Cumbria Crystal. 

Gift the whisky connoisseur in your life an elegant selection of crystalware. The English Lake District inspires our Grasmere collection and marries eye-catching sculpting with breathtaking beauty. Refined and intricate, this is among the most cherished of our Cumbria Crystal collections, perfectly capturing the delicate balance of luxury and style with crystalware used by James Bond himself.

Why not take your collection to the next level with a crystal decanter? Imbued with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, our decanters characterise our Lake District-based business. Our small group of artisans use their exclusive batch formula to turn our lead crystal into a piece of art to be enjoyed and indulged in.

Unparalleled crystal cut glassware.

Our standard tumbler, also referred to as an 'old fashioned," has a capacity of 8oz and is perfect for those who take their whisky neat. The 'double old fashioned' whisky glasses, which typically have a capacity of about 12oz, are ideal for those who prefer their scotch on the rocks or enjoy the smooth sweetness of a Negroni cocktail. The large diameter of this whisky glass assists in releasing your whisky's fragrance for an incomparable sip.

Alongside loving homages to traditional designs, you’ll discover plenty of contemporary whisky glasses to enjoy. Our Boogie Woogie, Loop, and Palm crystalware collections all nod towards Art Deco styling while keeping two feet firmly in modern aesthetics. Eye-catching and bold, they make the perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen or dining space.