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Carafes & Jugs (The Outlet)

Exude luxury with a crystal carafe. This stunning crystalware collection is the best way to invite elegance to your upcoming event, whether serving up fresh spring water, the perfect red wine accompaniment or a refreshing Pimms. Why not make things personal? Inscribe your carafe using our engraving service and gift a piece of crystalware they will cherish for years to come.

Our Outlet crystal is made with exactly the same love and care as all our crystal, however, as it is not 'made to order', items are only visible to purchase on the website when we have them available. If you don't see something you want, please check again in a few weeks, or consider our shopping from our standard collections. Thank you.

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Save Lek 19,400.00Grasmere Croft & Up - Water Carafe & 12oz Tumbler (Factory Outlet Stock)-Discontinued-End-of-Line.
Grasmere Croft & Up - Water Carafe & 8oz Old Fashioned Tumbler (The Outlet) Sale priceLek 22,600.00 Regular priceLek 42,000.00
Save Lek 22,000.00Helvellyn Large Jug (The Outlet)
Helvellyn Large Jug (The Outlet) Sale priceLek 15,400.00 Regular priceLek 37,400.00
Save Lek 11,700.00Helvellyn Tot Jug (The Outlet)
Helvellyn Tot Jug (The Outlet) Sale priceLek 7,000.00 Regular priceLek 18,700.00
Save Lek 11,700.00Keswick - Jug - Cream Jug without Ice Lip (The Outlet)Keswick - Jug - Cream Jug without Ice Lip (The Outlet)
Keswick - Jug - Cream Jug without Ice Lip (The Outlet) Sale priceLek 8,600.00 Regular priceLek 20,300.00
Save Lek 23,400.00THEIA  - Large Jug (The Outlet)THEIA  - Large Jug (The Outlet)
THEIA - Large Jug (The Outlet) Sale priceLek 14,000.00 Regular priceLek 37,400.00
Save Lek 22,700.00PROTEUS - Large Jug (The Outlet)PROTEUS - Large Jug (The Outlet)
PROTEUS - Large Jug (The Outlet) Sale priceLek 12,300.00 Regular priceLek 35,000.00
Save Lek 17,900.00Bubbles - Large Jug (The Outlet)
Bubbles - Large Jug (The Outlet) Sale priceLek 11,700.00 Regular priceLek 29,600.00
Save Lek 29,500.00Sabre Claret Jug (Factory Outlet Stock).Sabre Claret Jug (The Outlet)
Sabre Claret Jug (The Outlet) Sale priceLek 44,400.00 Regular priceLek 73,900.00