Combine timeless elegance with simplicity in your cocktail glass.

Each exquisite design will transform your cocktail to the next level, meaning all you need to do is finish things with a flourish of citrus peel or olive. At Cumbria Crystal, we’ve painstakingly researched the perfect glass size, offering six awe-inspiring designs alongside a larger version of our famous Grasmere Martini Glass. 

Choose from the elegance of our Loop barware collection, where inspiration stems from industrial aesthetics. In our Palm glass, designer Jessamy Kelly draws inspiration from the elegant palm leaf's strong natural form, producing a subtle yet powerful design. Whatever you choose, our stemware is equally at home on a formal table adorned with silver or laid out for an impromptu get-together with friends.

A Cumbrian experience for you.

When the party is over, join us for an experience like no other and get hands-on with our crystal.  

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