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Brandy (The Outlet)

The perfect glass for those who are partial to a calvados, cognac or grappa and desire a piece of crystalware that is not only beautiful to hold but brings out the best in your favourite after dinner drink.

You can also shop our made to order Brandy glasses here.

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Save CFA86,800Helvellyn Large Brandy Balloon (The Outlet)
Helvellyn Large Brandy Balloon (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA66,400 Regular priceCFA153,200
Save CFA56,200Windermere Large Brandy Balloon (The Outlet)
Windermere Large Brandy Balloon (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA86,800 Regular priceCFA143,000
Save CFA97,000Bubbles - Large Brandy (The Outlet)
Bubbles - Large Brandy (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA56,200 Regular priceCFA153,200
Save CFA56,200Palm Large Brandy (The Outlet)Palm Large Brandy (The Outlet)
Palm Large Brandy (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA81,700 Regular priceCFA137,900