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Crystal Bowls

The crystal bowl is an incredibly versatile vessel that distinguishes between decoration and functionality effortlessly. Commonly used as fruit bowls or for displaying potpourri, they have become permanent features on the tabletops and dressers of many style-conscious homes worldwide. 

At Cumbria Crystal, you will discover an incredible selection of glass bowls that span many of our most popular collections, including Grasmere, Helvellyn, and Sovereign. So whether you are adding something new to your collection or searching for a striking, standalone fruit bowl, you will surely discover the perfect piece.


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Grasmere Wine Bottle Coaster/ Sugar bowl/ Snack bowl.
Grasmere Snack Bowl - Small Sale priceCFA112,300
Grasmere Posy Bowl & T-Light Holder
Grasmere Fruit Bowl.
Grasmere Fruit Bowl Sale priceCFA372,600
Helvellyn Fruit Bowl: BW-407-HY.
Helvellyn Fruit Bowl Sale priceCFA372,600
Grasmere Centre Bowl.
Grasmere Centre Bowl Sale priceCFA816,700
Helvellyn Centre Bowl.
Helvellyn Centre Bowl Sale priceCFA985,100
Grasmere Large Punch Bowl.
Grasmere Large Punch Bowl Sale priceCFA657,400
Sovereign Large BowlSovereign Large Bowl
Sovereign Large Bowl Sale priceCFA372,600
Helvellyn Large Punch Bowl.
Helvellyn Large Punch Bowl Sale priceCFA740,100
Helvellyn Footed Dessert Bowl (Factory Outlet Stock)- Discontinued: End of Line.
Vase, Tumbler, Bowl ExperienceVase, Tumbler, Bowl Experience
Vase, Tumbler, Bowl Experience Sale priceCFA76,600
Sold outGrasmere Large Punch Bowl (Factory Outlet Stock).

Give your home the wow factor with a fruit bowl or decorative bowl from Cumbria Crystal.

Rather than locking your fruit away in the fridge or aimlessly sitting on the counter, displaying it in a fruit bowl is a fantastic idea, allowing its colors and form to draw the eye and add freshness and bright hues to your decor. 

With a crystal fruit bowl from Cumbria Crystal, you will invest in a handcrafted and intricately designed vessel that carefully cradles its contents, never distracting from whatever it holds while always shining aesthetically, seamlessly complimenting your home’s interior. 

As well as fruit, our decorative bowls can be used to display all manner of items, from potpourri and seashells to welcome snacks for a sophisticated soiree or showcasing a decorative dessert. 

A crystal bowl can also make a fantastic commemorative gift. Whether a landmark birthday, anniversary, retirement or recognition of service, the crystal bowl has remained a popular present choice for countless years. At Cumbria Crystal, we will go the extra mile and make your gift unique and utterly personal with our engraving service

Discover glass bowls from your favorite Cumbria Crystal collections.

A glass bowl should always complement your existing crystalware and drinkware. You will achieve one cohesive, striking aesthetic by matching each aspect, from champagne glasses to stemware

Cumbria Crystal is constantly pushing the boundaries of design, and our team of artisan glassmakers never sit still when striving for perfection across each collection. That is why you will find crystal bowls from all your favorites, including our Grasmere, Helvellyn, and Sovereign ranges.