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Cocktail (The Outlet)

Enhance your drink with our hand-crafted, diamond-cut crystal cocktail glasses, whose subtle, clean silhouettes inject charisma into any dinner party. Whether you prefer a traditional gin martini or a champagne drink sipped from a stylish coupe, Cumbria Crystal's selection of cocktail glasses can elevate any cocktail hour.

Our Outlet crystal is made with exactly the same love and care as all our crystal, however, as it is not 'made to order', items are only visible to purchase on the website when we have them available. If you don't see something you want, please check again in a few weeks, or consider our shopping from our standard collections. Thank you.

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13 products

Save CFA66,500Grasmere Large Highball (The Outlet)Grasmere Large Highball (The Outlet)
Grasmere Large Highball (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA61,400 Regular priceCFA127,900
Save CFA107,400Grasmere Small Martini (Factory Outlet Stock).
Grasmere Small Martini (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA61,400 Regular priceCFA168,800
Sold outSave CFA67,500Sovereign Gin Glass (The Outlet)Sovereign Gin Glass (The Outlet)
Sovereign Gin Glass (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA101,300 Regular priceCFA168,800
Save CFA132,900Bubbles - Martini Small (The Outlet)Bubbles - Martini Small (The Outlet)
Bubbles - Martini Small (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA56,300 Regular priceCFA189,200
Save CFA102,200Grasmere - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet)Grasmere - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet)
Grasmere - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA460,200 Regular priceCFA562,400
Sold outSave CFA46,000Selene - Large Highball (The Outlet)
Selene - Large Highball (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA66,500 Regular priceCFA112,500
Save CFA67,400Sovereign Martini Glass (The Outlet)Sovereign Martini Glass (The Outlet)
Sovereign Martini Glass (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA91,100 Regular priceCFA158,500
Sold outSave CFA133,000Manhattan - Martini - Small Martini (The Outlet)
Manhattan - Martini - Small Martini (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA35,800 Regular priceCFA168,800
Save CFA107,300Keswick - Martini - Small (The Outlet)
Keswick - Martini - Small (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA41,000 Regular priceCFA148,300
Sold outSave CFA133,000PROTEUS - Martini - Small (The Outlet)PROTEUS - Martini - Small (The Outlet)
PROTEUS - Martini - Small (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA35,800 Regular priceCFA168,800
Save CFA102,200Loop - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet)Loop - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet)
Loop - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA460,200 Regular priceCFA562,400
Boogie Woogie - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet)Boogie Woogie - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet)