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The Cumbria Crystal Regency Collection

Celebrate the significance of the Regency period with Cumbria Crystal’s faithful homage of drinkware; welcome to the Regency Collection. Launched in 2015, our stunning collection of champagne glasses, gin glasses, whisky glasses, and stemware has developed a loyal following, adoring bars and drinks cabinets worldwide.

Comprised of luxury English 24% lead-crystal hand-made in the United Kingdom, each Regency glass draws the eye with delicate cuts complimented by a strong form. The result is an elegant range of barware that marries an opulent aesthetic with sophisticated design.

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Save 463,00 krRegency Gin Glass.
Regency Gin Glass Sale price1.389,00 kr Regular price1.852,00 kr
Save 319,00 krRegency Double Old Fashioned (DOF) Whisky Tumbler 12oz.Regency Double Old Fashioned (DOF) Whisky Tumbler 12oz.
Regency Double Old Fashioned (DOF) Whisky Tumbler 12oz Sale price955,00 kr Regular price1.274,00 kr
Save 304,00 krRegency Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler.Regency Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler.
Regency Old Fashioned 8oz Whisky Tumbler Sale price912,00 kr Regular price1.216,00 kr
Save 332,00 krRegency Large Highball TumblerRegency Large Highball Tumbler
Regency Large Highball Tumbler Sale price999,00 kr Regular price1.331,00 kr
Save 391,00 krRegency Tall Champagne.
Regency Tall Champagne Sale price1.172,00 kr Regular price1.563,00 kr
Save 405,00 krRegency Goblet.Regency Goblet.
Regency Goblet Sale price1.216,00 kr Regular price1.621,00 kr
Save 391,00 krRegency Large Wine.Regency Large Wine.
Regency - Large Wine Sale price1.172,00 kr Regular price1.563,00 kr
Save 405,00 krRegency Sherry Glass - Discontinued: End of Line Stock.Regency Sherry Glass - Discontinued: End of Line Stock.
Regency Sherry Glass Sale price1.216,00 kr Regular price1.621,00 kr
Bring classic British style to your barware with the Regency Collection.

The Regency era was a significant (if tumultuous) time in British history. George IV served the throne as Prince Regent due to the poor health of his father, King George III.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the monarchy, the period's architectural, industrial, fashion and social scenes flourished. The Industrial Revolution saw many technological advancements, iconic styles influenced by the Romantic movement were popular, people enjoyed lavish balls, and grand buildings and elegant terraces sprung up in cities such as London and Bath.


A crucial period captured in crystal.

Cumbria Crystal has taken inspiration from this forward-thinking era with our Regency Collection, creating a selection of glassware fit for the elaborate parties and opulent outfits of the period. Our 24-strong team of artisans employ their invaluable expertise and craftsmanship across each champagne glass, gin glass, whisky glass, and piece of stemware.

The result of this passion and knowledge for glass blowing and cutting is a range that catches the eye, displaying clean lines and delicate cuts that draw you in, sip after sip. Whether proudly displayed on a drinks cabinet or kept safe for special social occasions, this versatile collection is elegant and impactful wherever and whenever it is enjoyed.