King Charles III Coronation Crystal Baluster

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In celebration of the Coronation of King Charles lll on 6th May 2023, the highly talented team of artisans at Cumbria Crystal have crafted a limited-edition hand blown, hand cut and gold gilded crystal baluster.

  • Hand-blown by Master Blowers Steve McDougal, Andrew Round and Adele Clark before being hand cut by our Master Cutter Robert Thomson. Each Coronation Crystal Glass passes through the hands of four additional artisans within our small factory prior to gilding.
  • Both the King's Royal Cypher and the Coronation Emblem are meticulously engraved by hand by our Master Engraver, Anton Satterthwaite.
  • The crystal is then adorned with precious 24 carat gold gilding by one of the few masters of this skill remaining in England.
  • It is presented in a luxury box, complete with an authentication letter, confirming the number from the edition.
  • This is a limited-edition item and only 50 celebratory balusters will be crafted.

About the Coronation Baluster

Standing at a stunning 22.5cm (8.85 inches) tall this crystal glass is a true work of art and will be admired generation after generation. Hailing from our classic Georgian style Grasmere collection, the historic baluster shape was introduced to our ranges by Lady Grania Cavendish, one of the original founders of Cumbria Crystal, in 1976.

In 1985, Queen Elizabeth ll was gifted a pair of gold gilded Cumbria Balusters on visiting the Cumbria Crystal factory. Naturally, this glass epitomises the essence of regal celebration both then and now, which is why it was chosen to mark such an important event in British history.

The Coronation Crystal Baluster begins its journey as batch; our high quality raw material that, thanks to the skills of our artisans, will transform into an object of beauty. Heated to 1450 degrees centigrade to create liquid lead crystal, a team of three glassblowers work together creating the baluster from six different applications of molten glass. Each one perfectly formed before proceeding to the next stage.

Balusters, distinctive due to their elaborate stems, were first created in England in the 17th Century and represented the epitome of luxury living. The glass's stem is very unique in that it has a decorative bubble of air embedded into it, requiring a series of complex hot glass forming processes during its creation. The inclusion of 'knops' (the decorative forms in the stem) is characteristic of English crystal. Hollow knops were first introduced in the 18th Century after the British government imposed a tax on crystal, due to it being a luxury product, which was calculated in regard to the weight of an item. Being hollow, the weight, and therefore cost, was reduced whilst retaining an outwardly opulent appearance.

The decorative designs on the bowl and stem are hand engraved. This time consuming and complex process takes many hours and uses diamond and sandstone wheels to create a complex fusion of flute, mitre and olive cuts with a highly unusual flat-topped flute cut. 

Once the glass is carved and polished it is passed to our Master Engraver, who solely by hand, engraves the intricate detail of the King's Royal Cypher and the Coronation Emblem.

Each glass is then sent to one of the most elite gold gilders in England, located in a small factory in Derbyshire, who again by hand, embellish the crystal with 24 carat gold prior to firing it in a kiln at 420 centigrade.

Whilst many may choose to display their crystal as a work of art, it is a functional glass and if used makes the perfect vessel for the deepest of red wines.

Delivered in a luxury presentation box complete with a letter of authentication within four weeks of placing your order.

Dimensions H:22.5cm; Ø10cm; 420ml

Due to the exclusive nature and limited number of items produced, no promotions, or discounts may be used to purchase the Coronation Baluster.

King Charles III: Coronation celebration Stemware
600 g
As all our products are handmade by our small team of artisans, we do not hold large quantities of stock. If your product must be handcrafted especially for you, we will be in touch to inform you of this and advise you of an anticipated delivery date. You will not have to wait any longer than 8 weeks if we do not have your order in stock, but we always endeavour to deliver to you much sooner than this. 
If we are unable to deliver your order in time for a special event, you will be given the option of a Commissioning Letter that can be gifted whilst waiting for your crystal to arrive. Please state in your Order Notes if you require for a certain date.

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