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FAQs | The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal

Why do you offer discounted crystal through the Outlet??

Every item in The Outlet takes the same amount of time and care to make as a full-price one. We are loathe to throw away something an artisan has spent many hours crafting just because it has a small bubble, or similar.  Handcrafting some of the best crystal in the world using traditional processes inevitably means there can be some discrepancy in some pieces. We do not compromise the quality of the core collections we offer, so around 50% of the crystal we produce ends up in The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal. You can read more about our grading process here.


Why are you offering such generous discounts on some items?

We have always offered up to 45% off outlet crystal through our factory shop and website. However, due to the need to create as much space as possible in our storage areas, we are currently offering some exceptional discounts in the hope that this makes our crystal accessible to more people. We hope that it will encourage new and existing customers to start, or expand, their collections or provide the opportunity to purchase a beautiful gift.


What is the biggest difference between your core collections and The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal stock?

Our core collections are made to order and handcrafted with the aim of creating the best crystal in the world. Handmade crystal, by it's nature can never be perfect as it is crafted using 2000-year old techniques. However we strive to get it as close as possible.

The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal offers quality crystal which for some reason, not simply not met all the criteria we demand for our core collections. The criteria vary but include small bubbles, cord, stone, slight weight variation or slight size discrepancy. You can read more about these things here.


Is The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal just old stock that doesn't match?

Not at all. It is a huge array of hundreds of products, ranging from our bestselling Grasmere Double Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler, to sets of discontinued wine glasses, at accessible prices.

You will find many items from our core collections - Grasmere, Helvellyn, Palm, etc available in The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal.


Can I access these products from outside of the UK?

Yes, we have made The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal available to all customers, regardless of geographical location. 


Do I need a discount code?

No, all products already have the discount applied to them so you can see upfront the price you will pay.


Can goods from The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal be gift wrapped?

Certainly. We have options for both gift wrapping and gift boxing, which can be found under the Cart section of the website and added to your order.


Is everything on The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal in stock?

It should be! 95% of items listed in The Outlet will be picked, polished, packed and posted by courier within 5 working days, with the remaining 5% dispatched within 10 working days.